Spirit Halloween 2023 In-Store Experience

Spirit Halloween 2023 In-store Experience

Get ready to join the party, Spirit fans, because Spirit Halloween is back and better than ever for the 2023 Halloween season! With each passing year, our creative teams have continuously raised the bar, crafting astonishing in-store experiences that leave you in awe. And this year is no exception! We can’t wait to unveil the spectacular surprises they have concocted. As an added bonus, we are thrilled to be celebrating Spirit Halloween’s 40th anniversary!

Unveiling the Thrilling Journey: Spirit Hallows Cemetery

Spirit Halloween 2023 In-store Experience

Step inside any of our Spirit Halloween locations nationwide and brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure like never before. Our exceptional creative teams have dedicated countless hours to bring you one of our most unforgettable experiences yet, paying homage to our remarkable 40-year journey as Spirit Halloween.

In the year 2020, we dared to venture into the terrifying and haunted Reaper’s Island, a dwelling place for eerie creatures and sinister characters. Explorers of this island were rewarded with the discovery of Reaper’s Island Village and the enigmatic secrets concealed within Reaper’s Island Cave.

The following year, in 2021, we took you on an exclusive tour inside the Spirit Halloween Factory, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of our famous animatronics.

Then, in 2022, we delved into the mind of Dr. J Reaper and invited you to witness the twisted creations that sprung forth from his secret Monster Laboratory. This display showcased some of the most twisted and macabre amalgamations we have ever conjured.

Now, with our enhanced architecture, mesmerizing lighting effects, and the inclusion of various outdoor elements, we welcome you to the acclaimed Spirit Hallows Cemetery in honor of our 40th anniversary! This fan-favorite in-store experience has been revamped and improved for the 2023 season. Prepare to be enthralled by what lies within!

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Spirit Hallows Cemetery: Where Thrills Await

Spirit Halloween 2023 In-store Experience

The Spirit Hallows Cemetery is an extraordinary tribute to our past themes and animatronics. We can’t contain our excitement as we invite you to explore and uncover the cleverly hidden Easter eggs scattered throughout. This haunting graveyard is home to both familiar and new undead animatronics, ready to send shivers down your spine. As you venture further, you’ll encounter the formidable guardians of the columbarium: Stilts, Pretty Woman Leatherface, and the Martian Warrior. The columbarium itself acts as the final resting place for past animatronics, their references subtly interred within.

Leatherface: The Brutish Guardian

Who better to stand guard over the cemetery than Leatherface, the cannibalistic serial killer? Armed with his revving chainsaw and bone-chilling screams of rage, Leatherface’s animatronic will leave an indelible mark on your memory. Prepare to be terrified as he showcases his upper body motion, spinning 360 degrees!

Stilts: The Cutthroat Performer

In the midst of a cemetery rife with danger, Stilts takes advantage of this sinister atmosphere to showcase his act. This Stilts animatronic features a torso that sways from side to side and a rotating head that completes a full 360-degree turn. Brace yourself for a performance that will leave you trembling with fear!

Martian Warrior: The Otherworldly Invader

Beware the Martian Warrior! This extraterrestrial menace has set foot in the cemetery, armed with a mist-shooting gun blaster and illuminating features. Cross his path, and he’ll zap you into oblivion without a second thought.

Dagger Mike: The Unexpected Threat

Dagger Mike may appear small and innocent at first glance, but don’t let appearances deceive you. When you least expect it, his body will spring up, catching you off guard. Keep an eye out for his upward head tilt, a telltale sign that a jump-scare is imminent!

Slim: The Mischievous Clown

Spirit Halloween 2023 In-store Experience

Slim, the mischievous Killer Klown, is guaranteed to create havoc this Halloween. Watch in terror as his torso bends forward to open and close his popcorn bag, accompanied by his wicked laughs and intergalactic sounds. Slim is not your average circus act!

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Heckles: The Master of Mirth

Prepare to succumb to Heckles’ deadly sense of humor once you find yourself in the cemetery. This animatronic comes to life with a built-in servo mechanism, offering you a deadly balloon as a parting gift.

Scary Sitting Scarecrow: The Unassuming Guardian

Having abandoned his post in the fields, the Scary Sitting Scarecrow now protects the Spirit Hallows Cemetery. He may initially appear lifeless, but with his candy-filled bowl, he entices you to come closer, only to spring into action, delivering the ultimate scare!

The Widow: The Hysterical Menace

Standing tall at five feet and eight inches, The Widow possesses a neck that snaps menacingly when activated. When she goes into a frenzy, her hysterical cries of laughter and screams will reverberate throughout the cemetery, haunting your dreams.

Enter Mausoleum Row: A Haven of Darkness

Should you survive the horrors of the Spirit Hallows Cemetery, you’ll find yourself in Mausoleum Row, home to a collection of vile and wicked creatures beyond imagination. This hidden realm is filled with secrets, and curiosity may lead to unexpected surprises. Snap a picture inside the Spirit Hallows Cemetery coffin for an unforgettable photo opportunity, but be warned: once you enter, escape becomes an impossibility!

Encounter the Creatures of Mausoleum Row

Hell Spawn: The Fiery Menace

Spirit Halloween 2023 In-store Experience

Bargaining with the devil never ends well, especially within the cemetery’s boundaries. If you encounter Hell Spawn, be prepared to flee as he extends his towering figure to a height of 8 feet and 6 inches, dragging you into the depths of his flaming inferno. His eerie voice lines and piercing yellow LED eyes will make you regret ever crossing his path.

Darling Dolly: The Lurching Enigma

Darling Dolly will lurch forward with unnerving motions, enticing you with her creepy blue LED eyes that flash blood-red. Brace yourself when you stumble upon her in Mausoleum Row.

Gourdo: The Unpredictable Pumpkin

Gourdo is no ordinary Jack-o-Lantern! With his glowing yellow LED eyes and sudden pop-up mechanics, his appearance is sure to catch you off guard in Mausoleum Row. Prepare for a scream-inducing surprise as his mouth opens and he extends to a height of 4 feet and 5 inches!

Lil Skelly Bones: The Master Seeker

No hiding place is safe from Lil Skelly Bones in the cemetery. Standing at three feet tall, his LED yellow eyes will ensure he always finds you. Brace yourself for an encounter with this relentless seeker.

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Howling Spirit: The Eerie Wailer

The chilling howls of the Howling Spirit will serve as your warning sign that you are already within its grasp. Do your best to avoid being captured by this otherworldly entity.

Eternal Rest: The Guardian of Tombstones

Never disrupt the tombstone guarded by the Eternal Rest Animatronic. Disturb her lover’s grave, and you will witness her truly sinister side. Prepare to be filled with dread as her head rotates 360 degrees, revealing a set of blood-chilling red LED eyes and a horrifying skeletal face that will haunt your nightmares.

Black Heart: The Seductive Tempter

Spirit Halloween 2023 In-store Experience

Ava’s tragic love affair has brought her downfall, and now her partner, the Black Heart, seeks to seduce you as his next victim. With a moving mouth speaking menacing phrases and his cloak revealing the remnants of Ava, this Black Heart Animatronic is one of the creepiest denizens of the cemetery.

Grave Watcher: The Keeper of Secrets

Nocturnal lurking in the cemetery will inevitably lead you to the Grave Watcher. Standing at a height of 3 feet, this animatronic will lure you in with its tilting head and unnerving arm movements. The yellow LED candles and piercing red eyes give this guardian an imposing presence.

Desmodus: The Bloodthirsty Terror

Beware of Desmodus, for he awaits his next feast within the Spirit Hallows Cemetery this Halloween. You’ll be frozen in terror as he extends to a towering height of 7.3 feet, boasting a lunging mechanism and a 79-inch wingspan. Desmodus has only one desire: to satiate his insatiable thirst for blood!

Thrive in the Night: Test Your Courage

Our exceptional creative team has once again outdone themselves! After months of hard work, they have expanded upon the lore of Jack the Reaper, offering an adventure befitting our 40-year legacy. Inside the Spirit Hallows Cemetery, a plethora of secrets, new animatronics, and motion-sensor-activated surprises await your discovery. Will you emerge unscathed from this unprecedented experience? Visit your nearest Spirit Halloween store and immerse yourself in the thrills that lie within! Don’t forget to capture your unforgettable moments and reveal the hidden gems concealed within!


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